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Using your journal to get to your truth

We constantly judge and criticize our thoughts and actions, and censor what we say before we say it. Although this is sometimes prudent in our everyday lives, if you are censoring your voice to the point of just saying what you think others want to hear, then you are doing yourself a disservice. You can lose sight of what your own opinions or needs actually are. Your own thoughts, ideas, opinions, dreams, intutions are what make you you. Speak YOUR truth and your confidence will naturally increase.

Your journal is the one place you can face your own truths, where no one else will see them or judge you on them. You are completely free to say whatever you need to, to express it, to get it out. When you see your own truth in black and white in your own handwriting it is powerful. Once out in the open you can choose to accept it (rather than have it fester deep within) and take action – to make the changes in your life you may need to.

Kay Adams tells us that 5-minute sprints, where you write very quickly in a timed session, will allow you to “get to the truth faster.”

Set your timers. 5 minutes. Paper. Pen.

A truth I have been hiding is….



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