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Using twitter for boosting brand presence of your business

Twitter Marketing
Twitter Marketing
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Everyone is tweeting. From One Direction to Obama, everyone around is tweeting almost about everything. In fact, journalists are using it a platform to gather information and even revolutions are taking place all over the world riding on this fast moving platform. So, it is quite understandable that Twitter holds immense possibilities for everyone, especially for the marketers. But the million dollar question is how marketers are going to use to Twitter give their marketing campaigns a much needed push.

‘Planning a content strategy for Twitter is easier than planning one for other social networks because each piece of content is only 140 characters’ - Kristi Hines @ kissmetrics.

Twitter is just huge. It has a thriving and extremely active 500 million users. Now, 500 million is a lot of people and so we can safely assume that a significant percentage of them could be potential customers. Now, there is a catch to it. Your competitors are there too, trying their level best to capture the attention of these potential customers and therefore, as expected, it will not be an easy win. But with a proper twitter marketing plan, you can reduce trust gap, build stronger relation with targeted audience and see improvement on the engagement front.

Locate the targeted audience

The first step to build a solid brand presence of your company on twitter starts with locating your targeted audience. Just updating the channel with some occasional update is definitely not going to help you build a brand.

To be honest, Twitter is all about followers. If you are not following anyone and if nobody is following you, you are as good as dead. Brainstorm some key phrases that your targeted audience might be using or hash tagging. Once done, use the Twitter Search to locate those users and then start following them. In case, you are too eager to get new followers, you should spy on your competitors’ profiles and then start following the users who have followed them. Try Followerwonk and Klout are two cool tools that you might give a try in your quest for followers.

‘Never ever use tools that say they will help you build followers instantly. Most of them are scam and can ruin your online reputation almost instantly. ‘– Says Dev, a content marketer at WDR.

Keep a hawk eye on updates

So, finally you have built some followers. Now, comes the most vital part that is spying on all the updates and whenever you find an opportunity, jump on the conversation. However, please do not make yourself look another spammer trying to hard sell his products. Nobody is going to trust you anymore if you to sneak into conversations of others just for the sake of promoting your products. To track all the updates more carefully and precisely, you might have to try some powerful platforms like Radian6.

‘Cultivating an audience for your brand via social media is more complicated than simply blasting out a TV ad. The key difference is follow-through. ‘- Todd Wasserman @ mashable.

Relation with influencers

Not all your followers are just tweeting, following others and then go to bed at the end of the day. Nope there are some Twitter users who are immensely active on this platform and they are the leaders and the influencers that can help you move the needle in your favor. Now the big question is how you are suppose to find the influencers in your niche. Well the process is quite straightforward. Just identify profiles with high Klout Scores and bingo. Get involved with those persons and bingo. A good feedback from any of these influencers can have an immense positive impact on the entire marketing campaign. So, keep trying.

Follow up

Whenever you are in the middle of a conversion, you need to make sure that you are not leaving the conversation at the middle. You need to stay there till the end and this is what makes people happy. No hard selling, no pushing of product; just simple and natural conversation and believe me this will go a long way to ensure that your brand gets traction on this platform.

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