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Using this ingredient in your drinks may come with life sentence in prison

Be careful what you put in your drinjk
Be careful what you put in your drinjk
Photo by Neilson Barnard

Everybody at home enjoys mixing their own drinks and trying to find that next ravenous alcoholic delight that we want to show off to all of our friends; however, what if I told you that when you showed that drink to your friend, you would be facing a lifetime sentence in prison.
Everybody knows that marijuana is legal in the states of Washington and Colorado, but this has made the use of hash oil rise in leaps and bounds. Hash oil is a thick liquid and is made by taking alcohol or other strong solvents and dissolving marijuana into the substance. Hash oil is not a new thing as it has been around since the 1840's and was discovered by chemist Peter Squire.
One popular cocktail combination that is going around is called 'Pot Tea'.

Pot Tea

• 1.5 grams of hash
• 1 oz of vodka or gin
• one pot of your favorite tea

(To make the tea sweet you can add condensed milk)

[There are special instructions to make this tea that I won't be putting here]

So when you look at hash oil and learn about how it is made it is something that seems innocent enough. That is what Jacob Lavoro, a 19 year old from Texas thought as well when he used hash oil instead of marijuana in a brownie batch that he made. Because he did this and used hash oil which is a "Penalty 2" controlled substance, because of its high THC characteristics. The state of Texas was allowed to weigh the entire weight of the brownie (sugar, cocoa, butter, etc) to come up with the weight of the crime.
This weight was in a amount that Jacob Lavoro is now facing a 5 years to life penalty.

His lawyer, who has been working in law for 22 years and before that was a police officer for 10 years is dumbfounded by the law. Jacob Lavoro is currently out on 30,000 dollar bond and is waiting a court date on June 19th.
Hash oil is a ingredient that the state of Colorado is also having problems with when they legalized marijuana, they saw a huge spike in hash oil explosions across the state. I think that majority of the public would agree that marijuana is on its way to becoming legal. However, hash oil problems are going to be building a wall that will be tough to take down for years to come.

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