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Using technology to live a healthier life

Using technology to live a healthier life
Using technology to live a healthier life
Paula Neal Mooney

As a technology gadget writer here on Examiner, I am amazed by the variety of ways that advances in developer know-how can improve our health. After all, news reports are already filled with the latest apps that – coupled with other add-ons – can read our blood pressure, measure our heartbeat rates and perform a plethora of all manner of health-related readings, literally at our fingertips.

It isn’t simply smartphone apps that are experiencing a boom in healthcare features, but plenty other fields of industry focused on improving our lifestyles via healthy means are using the latest technology as well.

Breathing better with advanced HEPA filtration

Years ago, after my husband and I bought two little Rottweiler puppies whose dander I feared would affect me negatively – we also bought an air purifier. It was nowhere near as advanced as high-tech machines like the IQAir HealthPro room air cleaner available these days, which contains a medical grade HyperHEPA filter to help capture those ultra-fine particles that cause folks with allergies problems. The Swiss-made machine comes with all kinds of advanced features on their control panel and remote control that delivers relief to people – both inside homes and offices. And to think when I began my career in corporate America back in the 1990s, my boss was still allowed to smoke cigarettes at his desk. Times sure have changed. At least he used a so-called smokeless ashtray.

Making the most of your activities with fitness apps

When my weight-loss journey began years ago and apps were just starting to become popular, I liked using the website named “My Food Diary” to track my food calories. These days, “My Fitness Pal” has overtaken my calorie counting needs, not the least of which reason is because it is free.

Users can track everything from their calories consumed to calories exerted via exercise, gardening, etc., along with other factors such as protein eaten, sugar digested and more. The latter app even lets folks check in with their weight amounts at various stages, and helps people discover how much their weight has changed throughout the days, and what weight to anticipate based on how many calories they’re consuming. “My Fitness Pal” has been a lifesaver, replacing the days of trying to use Excel or a notepad for such ventures.

A good old search engine search – on your cell phone

Outside of apps, one of the biggest ways that technology has empowered us to live healthier lives is by providing us powerful computers in our pockets that are our smartphones. Countless times per day, I may enter search terms like “McDonald’s gluten free” or “Chipotle gluten free” or “A1 Sauce gluten” just to learn the gluten containing status of various foods.

Judging by the search suggestions offered and publications found after my search journey is completed, it turns out I’m far from alone in using my mobile device to enjoy a healthier eating path.

Therefore, considering the above ways that technology is being used to better our breathing and body weights – which affects our overall existence and livelihoods – I’d say that the marriage of tech tools and great health is a win-win for all involved.

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