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Using sports massage for recovery

In a previous article we discussed using chiropractic treatments for recovery. Another great recovery tool outside of the gym is massage. There are tons of different types. Everyone can find a pressure and massage type that is right for them. Many people know about Swedish massage and deep tissue, for most strength athletes a sports specific massage is the best way to go. With the growth of strength sports in the US over the last few years, it just takes a simple Google search of your home town to turn up a place to get massage work done.
Like chocolate cake, even a bad massage is still pretty good. A sport specific massage varies a little from a standard massage. While the massage will typically be a full body massage, the sports specific will focus in on the primary areas of concern. You want to be sure to point out what kinds of movements you are doing and what areas are staying sore longer than others. From there a good therapist will be able to work that area and bring some relief.
Unlike your typical massage, the sports specific massage will not always be comfortable. Remember they are going to dig a little deeper and try to get to the root of the issue and break up any bound tissue or scar tissue build up. The massage should not be dreadfully painful, but you will have to endure some discomfort for the massage to be truly beneficial.
You should get into see a therapist as often as possible. Not everyone's budget will allow weekly visit, a little smart shopping are will help make the sessions more affordable.
When deciding which therapist to use, ask them some questions. Make sure they have some knowledge and experience with helping athletes or at least people that train on a consistent basis. Speak up during the sessions. You should try to relax, but if they are missing all the problem spots then you should let the therapist know. Give them as much direction as possible without being too crazy.

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