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Using photos the right way in content marketing

Graphic Artist Bianca Scotti

The use of photos is very important in content marketing.

• They capture the readers eye
• Simulate impulse buying
• Help drive traffic

We have all seen an ad and suddenly clicked on the link that took us right to what we wanted. We've surfed the net, saw a image and had to have it (whatever the product might be).

If you go on social media sites there are cover images, photo uploads, photo likes, shares, or as members of Facebook call a casual share 'I'm steeling this!'. One person posts it and likes it another takes and uses it too. But is credit being given to the person who took the picture; that's the question? And how important is that?

Credit should always be given for any material you yourself do not create. Bottom line! You keep that rule of thumb and you can never go wrong. Whether it's a quote, written passage in a story, something you read in the news, a video and yes a photo.

We will go more in-depth about written work credit in the next article. If you haven't subscribed to this writers page yet, now would be a great time so you don't miss it!

The written word has a way of giving the imagination a chance to perceive an image just by how it is written.

Example: 'Another winter storm hits us... I can hear the wind from my seat... The trees outside my windows shake as though something is trying to uproot them from their winter dreams… the snow falls sideways... while the cold air seeps into the home... time to get the fire roaring...' Author W. Adams

Mica Rossi - Author 'That's one of the nicest little life slices I've ever read.'

Did you see how we posted credit to the writers? Always ask permission.

Just as words can bring images to our minds, images can entice a person to act. It doesn't matter if it's a newspaper article, blog, and social media page or company website. Content marketing focuses on communicating a message to customers and prospects. It's about giving constant information needed.

So how do you get and use photos the right way? The safest way is to use photos you yourself have created. Because you created it you hold all the rights. Okay so you say, 'But I'm not a photographer!' The next step would be do you know a photographer, graphic artist. If so you can ask permission to use their work.

Photo Use Credit:

• Pay Permission (You may be asked to pay if you wish to use someone else’s work.)
• Use with credit to photographer (Given permission as long as you give credit to the photographer. Some may ask you to provide a link to their work.)
• Steeling (You didn't get permission, you asked no one, you gave no credit, you STOLE IT!)

Another thing to keep in mind is any changes to an image. Some will give permission but you need to note any changes you may have made.

Say you don't know a photographer not a lot of people really do in everyday life, but in social media networking it would be a surprise if you didn't know at least one. However maybe they can't provide a specific image you need there are sites out there like Getty Images and Photo Pin where you can search images, read the attribution license and use them safely.

So blog away, create your website, have fun socializing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Remember if you're on the internet you're publishing something every time you click 'enter' and you can be held accountable for it.

Whether you’re a company, writer, photographer, blogger it doesn't matter if the work isn't yours ask permission, give credit and create wisely.

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