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Using Multimedia in the Classroom

Slide from a Presentation on Technology/Multimedia in the Classroom
Slide from a Presentation on Technology/Multimedia in the Classroom
Dr. Aikyna Finch

In today's classroom, lecturing is just not enough. Professors also have to worry about student engagement and rigor. How do we give the students everything that they need to be successful? Professors need to meet them where they are to capture their attention. One way to meet them where they are is by using tools that the students use in their everyday lives. This is the perfect time to bring multimedia into the classroom to make the lessons more interactive.

These multimedia ideas you can use in the on-ground and online classrooms:

Technical Learning Games - This can be Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Concentration and others that need information to make the game work. This is a great way to review for exams and quizzes. Students retain more information when they are doing something interactive to study. These games are based in PowerPoint and can be edited as needed. The games can also load it into online classes to let the students use the games to study that way as well. It can be single or multiple player.

Phone Apps - There are so many free phone apps that are available to help students today. Subjects such as: Math, Science, English and others have apps to help the students study on their own time and pace. The phone app can also be integrated into class lessons in activities such as polling. Professors can post an app suggestion list in their class as an optional for the students to use for study.

Interactive Lesson software - Software such as Wiley+, MyITLab and others are used as simulations to let the students see how they would use the lesson in the real world. Simulations are great for learning as it has been proven that students learn more by doing than by hearing and seeing. Professors can make their own interactive lesson using software such as Prezi, Slideshare and others.

The point of using multimedia in the classroom is to engage the students by being interactive and stimulating the mind. Professors have the chance to take education to the next level if they use the tools wisely. Please research the tools before introducing them into the classroom. Make sure that the activity or tool that is chosen fits the goal of the assignment or lesson. The purpose of the activity or tool is to enhance the learning not to take away. If the students do not understand then the learning is damaged. Multimedia is there to be used to enhance the classroom and the engagement of the students.

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