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Using marijuana to cure and prevent disease without getting high

Health Benefits of Raw Cannabis
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Marijuana is a vegetable?

Marijuana or Hemp has many uses, some sources say at least 50,000 uses and benefits. The plant fibers from the stalk are great resources to produce materials that can be used for construction or clothing. Hemp can also produce food products like hemp milk and hemp oil. This plant has a long history and is used worldwide for it’s medicinal and practical benefits.

Medical Marijuana is commonly prescribed to patients with chronic pain and cancer patients. Smoking the buds of the plant deliver relief for symptoms such as nerve pain and nausea. Many enjoy the recreational use of marijuana and it’s psychoactive effects, but there are plenty of patients that want the healing properties and pain relief without getting high.

While all of the above labels are true for medical marijuana, Dr. Courtney views marijuana as a leafy vegetable. Dr. Courtney and his wife Kristen Courtney are the founders of the Cannabis International Foundation. Dr. Courtney has spent years studying the properties of marijuana and its medicinal and nutritional uses. He has concluded that not only is cannabis a nutritional food source with amazing healing properties, it is also not psychoactive if it is not heated up.

By cold press juicing cannabis leaves and treating it as a vegetable you can consume cannabis without getting high. Rather than a medicine, Dr. Courtney sees the plant as a “dietary essential that helps all 210 cell types function more effectively.”

Kristen Courtney knows first hand the healing power of juicing cannabis leaves. She was suffering from lupus, juvenile rheumatoid, interstitial cystitis, cervical dysplasia, vertebral fractures and is resistant to most western medicine drugs and antibiotics. She was on 40 different medications and bedridden for 4 years when she looked into juicing cannabis leaves.

In the video, The Power of RAW Cannabis, Kristen explains that with heated cannabis she did not get the medicinal healing she had hoped for but after consulting experts she says she discovered that “the THC acid and CBD acid that you get in the raw form have medicinal properties that are better at helping my immune system to communicate.”

After six weeks of juicing she was infection free and all of her conditions went into remission. On top of her miraculous recovery, she was able to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby girl even though she had been told that she was sterile.

The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 is an international treaty that has 184 state parties signed onto it and is designed to prevent the production and supply of specific drugs with cannabis being one of them. The Courtney’s goal is to get the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs amended so that cannabis is removed; that way cannabis can be accessible to everyone as a dietary supplement.

They are also looking to cultivate seeds and raise money to give away a half a pound of seed per person looking to grow. In the Leaf video, Dr. Courtney says that a person can grow an acre of cannabis you would be able to feed your family an incredible food source, medicinal source, theraputic source and help the environment because that acre would “suck 5 time as much CO2 out of the environment as an acre of trees.”

More on Alternative Healing

Here in San Diego, Charlotte Gerson, founder of the Gerson Therapy gives talks bout her views and methods on curing cancer through juicing vegetables. The Gerson Treatment Center is just across the border in Tijuana where they help patients to stay on a clean juicing diet as well as other methods to give the body the right tools so that the body's immune system can beat the cancer itself. There are also many studies that show that cannabis can cure cancer; so with all this evidence out there it may be worth looking into, if not for healing or curing purposes, then at least for preventing disease.

It is recommended to consult a doctor before trying these methods and do plenty of research to make a well educated health management decisions.

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