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Using Makeup To Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

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Most women would agree that they wish their eyes would look bigger. Luckily, makeup will help achieve the appearance of open eyes and bigger eyes. Plus, once you perfect the look, it can be done in simple steps.

Grab Your Eyeliner

Your eyeliner may be the best makeup tool to help perfect the look of bigger eyes. The liner should always be applied before mascara and after your eye shadow. There are also methods that one can use to achieve better results.

Begin by applying the liner to your bottom lashes first. Pull up on your eye lid as you are applying the eyeliner to help make the skin look taut. Apply the eyeliner in side to side strokes instead of one continuous stroke swoop. The continuous swoop method can cause you have to gaps in your eyeliner. Apply the strokes in thin lines.

Don’t panic if your lines look too lopsided. This can easily be corrected.

Next, use an eye brush to soften the line you just made with your eyeliner. You can do this by smudging it a little bit. Remember even thin eyeliner lines can age a person.

Now you are ready to tackle the upper lash lie. Again, you should glide the liner in a back and forth motion. Apply the liner directly under your top lashes toward the inner rim of your eye.

Finally, you can begin applying mascara, if you wish.

Other Tips That Can Help You Achieve The Look Of Bigger Eyes

Of course, eyeliner is just one way in wish one can achieve the look of bigger eyes there are other makeup tips that can help one achieve this look, as well. Including the following tips from

• Before plucking your eyes, run a beige eye pencil over the ones you want to remove. This will help keep you from over plucking your brows, which will make your eyes look smaller.
• When applying mascara, begin by applying to the tip of your lashes first. Allow the tips to dry, and then apply the mascara to the base of your lashes. Your lashes will look longer. In return, your eyes will look bigger.
• Always choose eye shadows from the same color family.
• Try a blue eye liner. Some women love the look. Some women even swear that it makes their eyes look bigger because the white of their eyes appears even whiter.
• Consider curling your lashes.

Yes, most women would love the look of bigger eyes. Plus, when one’s eyes look bigger they look more interested in things around them, they look more alert, more energized, and less tired.

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