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Using LinkedIn to grab that illusive internship

LinkedIn has quickly become the professional Facebook, and for good reason: Its very platform is designed to create a dynamic, and easy to use, online professional network. So let's get started.

First, create a professional image for yourself. Choose a photo that represents you as a professional : no goofy photos or graduation caps, please!

Second, highlight your experience! Use action words like "developed" or "managed". You may want to seek professional help when developing this section - it should be specific to your industry. As it is similar to a resume, you can often get this critiqued by your guidance counselor or even a teacher.

Third, get connected! This isn't Facebook, so don't friend everyone. Research indicates you can be excluded from the job hunt based on who you associate with! Search for your teachers, or even your doctor. Ask them to recommend you for your skills.

Fourth, search for the industry you may want to work in. See how you're connected - you might be surprised who knows the HR director! If you already know the companies you'd like to apply to, make some friends.

Finally, check in often. Companies can post new openings, or your friends may get hired at a new (influential) position.

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