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Using ice for your Miami wedding


Ice sculptures aren't just for cocktail hour displays.  You can use ice for a variety of other purposes during your wedding.  It is a unique and "cool" way to change the look and feel of your ceremony and reception.  Ice can be used in ways you've never imagined.  Consider these fresh ideas:

1. Use ice for your open bar.  Your entire bar can be made out of ice, with lights and all!

2. Use ice as your table center pieces.  This is definitely a way to make flowers more interesting. 

3. Use ice to serve your food.  Make sure the food is cold, like shrimp cocktail or sorbet.

4. Use ice as a canopy during your ceremony.  You can also use flowers in combination with an ice canopy.

Remember to use one or some of the ice ideas, but don't go ice crazy.  Visit Scupltured Ice (located in South Florida) for more ideas and information on using ice in your wedding.  Also, be sure to check with your vendor to see if there are restrictions when using ice indoors.