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Using HootSuite to Enhance Your Personal Brand

Although targeted for companies, HootSuite can be one of the timeliest ways for individuals to manage their personal brand across their social media networks.

Gather Feedback.

First, start by gathering feedback through casual conversations with friends about how your social media persona compares to the personal brand that you want to portray. If you do not feel comfortable having this conversation, you can also conduct a personal analysis on your previous posts by asking yourself questions about the relevancy, type and location of the post as it relates to your brand image.

Plan to Clarify.
Using the information you gathered from your analysis, you can start to further clarify and define your brand.

Prior to posting, it is important to always consider how each post will affect and shape your brand image. To avoid posting in-the-moment items that may not relate to your desired image, you can use the ‘Scheduled Posts’ feature to plan your content across an extended period of time.

To ensure that you are posting (or re-posting) relevant content, you can set up a search stream based on topics that are relevant to either your desired image or topic(s) that you post about (note that these may correlate).

For example, if you are a Benefits executive managing your Linkedin Influencer account, you may want to add search stream on HootSuite for #TotalRewards to keep track of the latest trends on this topic.

Next Step: Continued Improvement
After you have clarified your image, you can begin to consider your influence (or “reach”). If you are looking to build an audience, you can post and analyze messages using the Ow.Ly links within the Message Tracking Center to determine the influence of each post.

Each week, set aside time to review your posts and analyze the most successful content (specifically looking at: the type, kind and topic) and how it compares to the least influential. From there, you will be able to further tailor your posts, keeping in mind that the most important thing is, of course, to maintain your brand image.

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