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Using Hashtags in Social Media for Business

While social media is a great tool to expand your reach in business, it’s sometimes limited to the people already in your personal circle. If you want to grow outside of that circle, make sure that you use hashtags.

Hashtags will appear in tweets to mark keywords or topics. So, when something is trending and the # symbol has been used in a tweet, you can see all of the tweets containing that keyword when you click on it. A great way to view #OrganicConversation using #hashtag is to visit Tagboard to see the conversations taking place around that hastag.

For example, you could ask followers to share an older picture of themselves during #throwbackthursday. It may not be business related, but it’s having some fun.

However, you should try to stick to relevant hashtags for your industry. If there was a crisis, you wouldn’t want to shamelessly plug your brand during that time- just ask Kenneth Cole about that. Instead, come up with hashtags that can help people find your business. Hashtags are also an effective way to assist with customer service and support.

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