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Using God's light & power to safely go through your journey of the new year

As much as Christians enjoyed their wonderful experiences during their journey through the season of Advent, since the fourth season of Advent has passed; that journey has ended.

However, Christians continue down their journey of life with the ending of the journey through the year 2013 and the beginning of their journey through the year 2014.

Although the new year has the potential to bring new possibilities into it, it also carries over the problems of the old year into the new year. For Christians this means that they will still be faced with a difficult journey through our modern society that is filled with many kinds of spiritual, political, financial, intellectual, and moral darkness.

As Christians go through their journey of this new year they need to remember the story and follow the example of how some wise men traveled a great distance through great darkness following the light of God’s special star to Bethlehem so they could give their gifts and worship the baby Jesus.

Christians need to realize that they need to use the light of God’s principles of living contained in God’s Word (Psalm 119:105) along with the inner light and power of the indwelling Holy Spirit in order to be able safely go through their daily activities and through the many forms of darkness that are all around them, such as the many fleshly temptations thrown at them through the entertainment and advertising industries and various demonic deceptions that try to distract them away from following God’s principles and into doing ungodly things that will ruin their spiritual life.

In order to have enough spiritual strength to be able fight off those attacks, Christians need to have their strength renewed by the Holy Spirit each day as they read God’s Word, talk to God in prayer about their problems, and ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to help them fight their daily battles.

The more Christians do those things; the more they will be able go through each day’s journey victoriously and be able to go through their journey of the New Year victoriously!

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