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Using functions in a PHP program (part 3)

the localvariables.php program results
the localvariables.php program results
Ginny Putscher

In part 3 of the Using functions in a PHP program, we will discuss and demonstrate using a variable declared inside a function. When we use a variable inside a function, it is called a local function.

As shown in the localvariables PHP program, there are two variable assignments, the first variable assignment $x = “Barbara” represents the outside variable and $x= “Joey” the second variable assignment represents the inside variable.

The localvariable PHP program demonstrates that a local variable declared inside a function is only viable inside that function. Once a new local variable is declared outside the function it is replaced.

As discussed previously in Using a variable in a PHP program, the same rules apply. Please refer to the article for a refresher.

The PHP programming code listed below demonstrates displaying local variables in the same script.

NOTE: As demonstrated in the previous programs, we used notepad a plain text editor. The PHP programs are stored on our web server, "C:\Wampserver\www." Please note the stored web server location.

Now let us create the PHP program, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Select and click "Start."
  2. Select and click "All Programs."
  3. Select and click "Accessories."
  4. Select and click "Notepad."
  5. Type the PHP code exactly as shown below.



<title>Local Variables</title>


<body><h1>Local variables</h1>

<h3>Demonstrates use of local variables<h3>


$x = "Barbara";

function assignx () {

$x = "Joey";

print "\$x inside function is $x. </p>




print "\$x outside of function is $x.





  1. Once you have type the entire program, Select "File," "Save As," and then go to the webroot of your server. For example, C:\Wampserver\www. Type Filename, "localvariables.php," and then Select "Save."

In the next article of the Using functions in a PHP program (part 4); we will discuss and demonstrate using global variables.

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