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Using frozen vegetables and fruits might be the best choice for working parents

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Using frozen vegetables and fruits might be the best choice for working parents. Incorporating vegetables and fruits into your kid's diet is time consuming when it's fresh. Sometimes fresh vegetables are expensive. Buying fresh vegetables means you have to cut, clean and store them properly in order for them to stay fresh.

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More often than not, the new bananas purchased at the store will not be eaten and they will be used for making banana bread. The bananas were forgotten, left on the counter and they turned sweet, well, they turned brown and they looked to gross to eat.

More often than not, a third of fresh vegetables and fruits will spoil. This is a waste of money for all families.

The best alternative grocery source is purchasing frozen foods. If you have that extra freezer, a family can stock up when frozen foods are on sale. There are frozen foods packaged with flavoring (sauces). Finding the frozen mixed vegetables already to go for only an Asian meal, a Mexican meal or a beef stew, saves a lot of time in preparing a healthy meal for kids.

"Frozen-Food Makers Launch $30 Million Image Campaign" to bring awareness and value to the frozen food product industry this year. "ConAgra, General Mills, Kellogg, Nestle, Heinz and Hillshire Brands knock heads every single day at grocery stores across America. But the companies have joined forces for a new campaign that seeks to revive sluggish frozen-food sales."

The American Frozen Food Institute is now an incredible resource for information regarding frozen foods. You can find the frozen foods buyer's guide on this website. You will also find answers regarding the frozen foods industry at this website.

You will find recipes and coupons on the following websites for frozen foods:


General Mills




Hillshire Brands

Be sure to explore each website for recipes, nutritional information and explore each brand's website for coupons. Use your coupons when your local grocery store has a sale on that item. Timing the use of your coupons will bring on more savings for your family's meal budget.

Eat well! Live well!