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Using frozen donor eggs to have children

Donated human embryo.
Donated human embryo.
Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

It has been reported that infertility problems now affects nearly 1 in 8 couples in the United States, making it a “challenge” for many people to start families without aid, whether through the use of surrogates or in-vitro fertilization, particularly for women who try to become pregnant at older ages, as well as those undergoing cancer treatment, etc.
“For these women, donor egg is the only option for fertility treatment,” states. Heidi Hayes, CEO of Donor Egg Bank USA. a frozen donor egg program developed through the collaboration of more than 150 of the country's top reproductive specialists and available at more than 95 locations throughout the US and Canada. "Advancements in frozen donor egg have given many women the opportunity to have the child they dream of."

Hayes, herself, has had two children through donor egg. While nearly 17,000 donor implants were performed here in 2012 alone (particularly involving women in their early 40’s) most people are unaware of certain facts regarding the use of frozen donor eggs to conceive a child, such as the fact that couples looking to have a child can do so according to their own timeframes.

“Since frozen donor egg IVF cycles can be completed in as little as 1-3 three months, couples can pursue treatment at the exact time that works for them. In addition, using frozen eggs from the same donor allows for genetic siblings, “ she added.

Among other facts regarding the use of donor eggs, Donor Egg Bank USA states that there is “no difference in pregnancy rates with fresh vs. frozen donor egg, and one's likelihood of achieving a baby using a fresh or frozen donor egg are nearly the same (around 47%). At the same time, the cost of a frozen donor egg cycle is nearly half that of the average fresh donor egg cycle, which is currently about $25,000-$38,000.”
Should the procedure fail within 6 treatment cycles, however, Donor Egg Bank USA says it will give couples a “100% refund.”

Readers interested in more information can contact Donor Egg Bank USA by calling 855 344-2265 pr go online to

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