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Using Etsy to Expand Your Range

With Etsy considering going public with its stock shares, it is certainly looking as if it is going to continue expanding in powerful ways. What was once a small online e-store for hand made crafts has grown significantly. Thousands of transactions take place each day, and hundreds now make regular purchases from Etsy.

Depending on your business, Etsy may be an excellent way to expand your business’s reach. Etsy allows all hand crafted and artistically created goods as well as craft supplies and vintage items. Vintage items are classified as all items that are twenty years old or older.

For businesses that specialize in products such as natural home made soaps or crafts, Etsy is an important opportunity. Each listing costs twenty cents with less than five percent being take from a completed transaction. This is fairly inexpensive, and it increases your business’s potential range of customers. You no longer have to be limited to your geographic range. All things considered, this is a fairly inexpensive opportunity, and you can offer multiple options without much added cost.

If you have such products, you already have much of what you need to get started. The main added expense will be in the shipping and handling. It may work best if you just add the shipping and handling into the overall cost and then list the price as including that cost. Thus you can advertise it as having free shipping and handling. Just bear in mind that you are responsible for ensuring that it arrives intact.

One concern for having an Etsy shop is that it might decrease physical sales and increase costs in shipping and handling. If you want to drive more business to your physical shop, you can always advertise that you're running a special discount for those who make purchases at the shop. This way those who are in your area are still incentivized, and you can still reach a broader base of possible customers.

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