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Using Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags for Kids


Bye bye plastic baggies! I have found smart and fun lunch bags to send my kids to school with that are more eco-friendly than the traditional lunch box.  


The Go Green Lunch Box has a compartmentalized interior for your child's lunch and is stocked with a nifty drink bottle.  And the designs are just divine!  My boys have the camo and gator dots boxes.

Going green is an slow process.  But how in the world can we make our children's lunch part of the movement?  Go Green Lunch Boxes has proved that schools and families can make that change by eliminating paper and plastic in our child's lunch all together.  There is even a little dry erase board to leave fun notes for your kids. They just thought of everything!   To be a part of making our planet a more clean and efficient place, pack a green lunch and check out

I was more than excited when I came accross this great lunch bag.  I originally got it for my older son, but my 3 year old loves it and is so proud to carry it to preschool.  I am such a stickler for what my kids food touches and how it is stored   I'm pleased to share with you the innovative Kids Konserve Lunch Bag. 

It even comes with a placemat and cloth napkin.  Now this is just too handy don't ya think?  If you are looking for a new way to RRR, you have to try out the Kids Konserve products.

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  • Clean Conscience 4 years ago

    Check out these Clean Conscience Bags that are lead-free, litter-free lunch bags made from woven 100% pos-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Each bag diverts about 3 water plastic bottles from going into our landfills and oceans. Comes is clean green, berry pink, and forest green. Washable without shrinking and folds easily when empty. Made in the USA. Helps clean our environment and support our economy! Check out Clean Conscience Bags.