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Using chemical free wooden pallets for raised gardens

"HT" stamped on this pallet means it is heat treated.
"HT" stamped on this pallet means it is heat treated.
Amid Logistics

I don't know about you, but I am getting ready for gardening, and not just ordinary chemical infused gardening, but organic gardening. And again, not just chemical free organic gardening, but chemical free, raised organic gardening. Okay, if I haven't confused you already, keep reading.

"HT" means these pallets were heat treated.
Amid Logistics, LLC.

Sometimes no matter how hard we try to make our vegetable gardens organic, something sticks its ugly chemical based or treated head up and makes us say, "Oh No!" Using wooden pallets in the construction of raised gardens can pose a potentially hazardous situation for the gardener, and others that consume the food grown in these chemically treated pallets, which are used for the raised gardens. But, there is a solution to this. I find that most of the pallets that I see are either "heat treated" or "chemical treated." I stay away from chemical treated pallets and pallets that appear to have spilled residue from containers on them.

I am sure you are asking, how can you tell the heat treated from the chemical treated. If the manufacturer followed proper standards, you will find the pallets stamped with "HT" for heat treated, or "MB" for pallets that are chemically treated with Methyl Bromide.

Sometimes you will find pallets with other markings, or none at all. I stay away from these also. Check out the slideshow in this article, which shows labeled pallets, and join me next time when I will begin constructing my raised pallet garden on concrete blocks.

Until next time, "Lets grow chemical free, and live healthy."

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