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Usher talks coaching on NBC's "The Voice"

Season six is Usher's second season as a coach on "The Voice."
Season six is Usher's second season as a coach on "The Voice."
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As a first-time coach on “The Voice”, Usher had great success by having one of his artist’s make it to the top three when Michelle Chamuel represented Team Usher in the season four finale of the hit NBC phenomenon. Now Usher is back in the coach’s chair for season six and with two remaining artists on his team: Bria Kelly and Josh Kaufman. Will the Grammy-winning R&B singer have another artist representing him in the finale this season? I caught up with Usher right after the live show top ten performances Monday where he spoke about what coaching means to him.
“For each moment and each season, there is a different experience. It’s a new group of people. For anyone who feels this reality of self vision is contrived, it isn't. It is totally in the moment and what is necessary or given to the artist is based off of what they need in that moment,” Usher said. “It just takes genuinely good people to offer what information they have and empower these artists with whatever they need to go out there and give great performances and have America judge them. We are the coaches and America are the judges. They determine whether they stay or go.”

While only one coach and artist can win, Usher says the fun and friendly dynamic among himself and his fellow coaches, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Shakira makes the competition a little less competitive and a little more like a collaborative project to help young singers move forward with their passion and talent.
“There's a really cool, playful banter that goes on between us as coaches because we're real; we actually really do care about one another. We know this is a competition, and obviously everybody really wants to win, and we're enjoying it, but there's nothing greater than being able to do something productive that is in some way motivating or philanthropic and to also really enjoy it; like kicking it with your friends, laughing. It's almost like putting together and incredible piece but everybody collectively is adding their little two cents in and you're enjoying it while you're doing it,” said Usher, who added he understands the pressure the artists are under and admires the mature way they each handle everything that comes with working towards your dream on a network television show.

“We're proud of each and every one of the contestants. They're putting themselves on the fire every week. They analyze their performance, they go in and they try to figure it out and do the work, they work with the vocal coaches, they do the other side of what it is to be an artist on a television reality show - they have to do interviews, and all of a sudden become a personality. Imagine that: one day you're singing in a bar, the next day people all over the country are analyzing you and giving their opinion about you; that can be overwhelming! So the fact that they come with a positive spirit every day and do not get caught up in it and taken over by this, I think it's great.”

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The Voice” airs Monday and Tuesday at 8pm EST on NBC.
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