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Usher Rocks Belvedere and Product (RED) Launch Event with Pre-Grammy Performance

Belvedere (RED) Launch Event
Belvedere (RED) Launch Event
Zac Wade Images

Just days away from the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards telecast; R&B sensation Usher gave a live performance at Avalon nightclub in Hollywood, CA. The star-studded, red carpet event took place on Thursday, February 10th to celebrate the partnership of Belvedere and Product (RED), coming together to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria benefiting the Global Fund.

Hollywood A-listers like Jaime Foxx, Chelsea Handler, LaToya Luckett as well as Paris and Niki Hilton were just a few of the stars that shined on the red carpet, coming to party with a purpose and of course rock out with the Grammy Award winning artist. During his live set, Usher belted out his latest hits “OMG”, "DJ Got Us Falling In Love" and “There Goes My Baby”, before going back down memory lane with old school favorites like “You Remind Me” the club anthem “Yeah” and "Caught Up".

VIP guests were treated to signature macerations designed by Belvedere brand ambassador, Claire Smith. The fan favorite was the "(RED) Cherry" which is a mix of Belvedere Pure, Grenadine, Marachino Liquer and Pineapple juice. Another crowd pleaser is the delicious "Belvedere Pink Grapefruit", a simple combination of the grapefruit flavored Belvedere and sweet grapefruit juice. Many guests were also partial to the refreshing "Belvedere Gimlet" made of Belvedere Citrus, infused with a hint of lime. “The great thing about Belvedere is that we use all fresh ingredients”, says Smith. “We do all of the work for you so you can mix with your favorite beverages and enjoy”. As a brand ambassador who travels the world sharing her maceration secrets, Claire is excited to note that Belvedere is using these fresh ingredients in an intelligent way. To continue this legacy, the International vodka brand is set to release yet another amazing flavor this April. “It’s never been done before and Belvedere is on fire right now. We are excited to continue giving our consumers exciting new flavors to try, making it easy for them to create recipes and impress their friends”. More details on this new maceration will be available soon as it will be launched just in time for summer.

At the pinnacle of the event, Belvedere unveiled its new “Special Edition" Product (RED) bottle. The sleek design features the Product (RED) logo front and center with the original Blue text changed to (RED) so that it’s easily identifiable by consumers. More importantly you can still enjoy the same great Belvedere taste while supporting this worthy cause.

Belvedere CEO, Charles Gibbs was delighted to discuss how this merger would not only spark important dialogue about HIV/Aids awareness, but it would further solidify Belvederes’ position as a socially conscious liquor brand-the first to partner with the Product (RED) organization. “In the past Belvedere has always supported local and national charities by sponsoring events, but we never approached an organization to partner and give back in such an impactful way.” offred Gibbs. Admitting that when the opportunity to work with Product (RED) came along, he knew it was the perfect partnership.

It’s true that Belvedere has always been the life of the party supporting the industries of Fashion, Entertainment and the Arts. Now adding its alliance with "The Global Fund" to its list of accomplishments; displays it's dedication to being the best on the market, socially and product-wise. Furthermore, The 2015 (RED) campaign has already garnered support from celebrities and corporations alike, so Belvedere has truly answered the call. “We have a realistic goal that mother to child transmission of this disease can be stopped by 2015 and it’s phenomenal.” says Gibbs. “It really gives people who are affected by this disease, tremendous hope.”

In addition to Usher jumping on board, who already has an impressive philanthropic background. Gibbs also shared his excitement to have International Concept artist, Carsten Höller, lend his talent to the project. The Belgium born artist is a man who truly believes that “Art Saves Lives”. As an avid supporter of "The Global Fund" he has worked with the organization to raise money in the past. For the Belvedere (RED) campaign, his one-of-a-kind art installation entitled “Double-Hanging Sphere” was on display during the Usher concert, suspended high above the crowd for all to see. “I am so happy to partner with Belvedere, Product (RED) and Usher for this event. It feels great to create this piece knowing that people in Ghana and other countries in Africa will benefit from my work. The piece is symbolic of extended limbs reaching places unseen” offers the innovative artist. He goes on to say that “Beyond medical research, I am thankful to use my talents to make a difference. I encourage everyone to learn as much as they can about this project and keep telling their friends to get involved as well.” You can find out more about Carstens’ work by checking out his profile on the Carnegie International website at The installation is available for purchase so someone will have the opportunity to display this piece in their own home.

Fans of the Belvedere brand can get their hands on the "Special Edition" bottle this August. It will be available in bars, clubs, retail outlets and duty free shops in over 50 countries from then until the end of the year, making it the perfect gift for the Holiday season.

In parting Charles Gibbs says that “This is the best gift to give, because it is a gift that gives back and please spread the word about the project by connecting with us on Facebook. You can also learn more about (RED), how they operate and where the money goes. I also encourage everyone to watch the “Lazarus Effect” which is commissioned by Product (RED), it explains what they go through to make changes on the grounds in Africa." When asked if he had any words of encouragement for those living with the disease or those fighting for a cure he says “Keep believing that cures can be found, that changes can take place. Continue to rely on friends and family for support. Again, the idea that Mother to Child transmission will be stopped by 2015, it gives people hope and we are one step closer to finding a cure."

To learn how you can join the movement log-on to and don’t forget to “Like” the Belvedere Facebook page where you can find full coverage of the Usher concert and launch event as well as flavorful recipes.


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