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Usher defends Bieber: 'I have watched Justin navigate difficult waters'

Usher has Justin Bieber's back. In fact, he defended his charge on Instagram on June 7. The musician and mentor to the younger artist wrote a long paragraph about the then 13-year-old kid that he signed so long ago, saying that he has witnessed "Justin navigate difficult waters."

Usher and Justin Bieber
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images
Usher has Justin Bieber's back
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Usher added that Bieber is "unequivocally not a racist" in the caption that accompanied a cute throwback picture of the two of them with their arms around each other. Justin looks very innocent in the shot while Usher is definitely the one in charge while wearing copious amounts of jewelry and a black beanie on his head.

With that being said, Usher did admit in this support message that his younger colleague has not "always chosen the path of his greatest potential." This message being sent likely has double meaning, the second of which says that Bieber needs to grow up and be responsible as a role model now that he has made it to the big time after being simply a YouTube hopeful waiting to be discovered.

As People magazine points out, the 20-year-old is currently being seen in that proverbial bad light after a vintage video, circa 2009, went viral. This caused quite a stir among the media, social and othewise.

In the short snippet, Bieber is heard and seen repeatedly using the n-word while parodying his own lyrics for his own hit called "One Less Lonely Girl" earlier this week. Justin was laughing through the entire clip.

Many pundits are saying this latest social fail on Bieber's part is the end of Justin's career while others are giving him a little more rope. That includes Usher who is defending his boy no matter what has happened in the past.

So, where do you stand on this matter? Are you willing to forgive and forget or have you had enough of Justin Bieber's bad boy antics?

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