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Usher brings 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' charm back to 'The Voice'

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Only someone like Usher Raymond IV can make a nursery rhyme sexy, and he's back to pile on the charisma for season 6 of "The Voice."

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On week 1 of "The Voice," which started on Mon., Feb. 24, he earned Biff Gore, Bria Kelly, Madilyn Paige and T.J. Wilkins. But the artist he didn't get was Cairy Laine, on Tues., Feb. 25, even though she clearly found him attractive.

Usher already knew from previous seasons that an artist wearing cowboy boots was a sign that another charmer, country artist Blake Shelton, could possibly win. Surprising enough, Maroon 5's Adam Levine was the chosen one, but before she made her choice, Usher did something that only fathers who look like him could do: make "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" sexy.

After Levine asked her to sit in his "big red chair" to make her decision, Usher countered with, "You know, I think I've heard of this story before, right? 'The Three Bears.' So, you slept in the baby's bed? You want to come and take..."

Before he finished, he stood up and guided Laine by hand to Shakira's chair and his own, with Shelton's egging on that that'd make her closer to his own seat.

Originally Usher may have tried to play it straight and get her out of the cowboy boots and into gym shoes or heels to sing some other music. But when Laine eyed him and said, "Oh my gawd, Er-sherr," that did it. The R&B star pulled out his "Dot Com" bag of charm tricks. Levine knew it was coming and demanded Usher go sit in his chair. Too late.

"Look me in my eyes," Usher said, turning back around to face his own chair. Shakira, who had been playing it cool with the guys, jumped up and told Laine not to do that. No problem for Usher.

His response? "Okay, look at my lips."

He hilariously got shut down after Laine confirmed she was indeed a country artist, but the spectacle was so entertaining to watch that it was worth it in the end. Usher's back.

In his first season on the show (Season 4), he replaced then three-time judge CeeLo, and his last artist Michelle Chamuel made it all the way to finale night competing against Shelton's artist (and the winner) 17-year-old country artist Danielle Bradbery.

Chamuel went on to release an independent album "All I Want" under the name The Reverb Junkie.

Only time will tell if Usher will be that lucky with his new artists on "The Voice," but it'll be fun watching him add a little more flair to the show.

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