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Usher and Juicy J hit the strip club on newly released single 'I Don't Mind'

Usher & Juicy J team up over Dr. Luke produced single
Usher & Juicy J team up over Dr. Luke produced single
via Billboard

We’ve heard this all so often. You know, like, meeting a significant other in a strip club. Or better yet, that significant being on the other side of the pole showcasing her aerial and acrobatic skills on the pole – which, by that point, had certainly caught your eye like the throngs of horn-dogged men drooling from their mouths like small-time weeny dachshunds. Yeah, nonetheless, it can get pretty pitiful.

But leave it to Mr. Entertainer to slide in his role as “captain save a hoe,” snatching a page right from the Bay godfather himself, 40 Water aka E-40. Jamie Foxx attempted this impossible feat with Diamond, and we all know how that ended up. Brother man ended up in a friend zone faster than Lil Jon could blurt out his favorite words “yeah and what”.

Of course, in this day and age, uh, transforming a stripper into a house-wife may quite possibly be the hardest job on this planet. It isn’t an easy task by any means, because, how in the world could you force your money-wavering gal to quit her day job when either she’s reeling in more cash than you in a regular 9-to-5, or just doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your feelings in the first place? I digress – but c’mon, if it irks me – it must be a nuisance to men living this firsthand.

Apparently, to some extent, it bothers R&B superstar Usher to a certain degree. Well enough to document his shifting of feelings, from caring what people constantly think about his pole-sliding woman, to simply coming to terms with her special skills in the A’s teetering workforce. Strip club connoisseur Juicy J isn’t so gentlemanly on the record, though.

He, as usual, wants to play devil’s advocate and, mainly, just take your favorite stripper at King of Diamonds and make her his go-to piece for sexual ecstasy. It’s a huge contrast in both portions of the newly released single, but that’s what makes this song more intriguing, to say the least. Add an infectious Dr. Luke beat (and written by Planet VI) tailored chiefly for the strip clubs, and well, you have yourself a hit boys and girls. The duo is rumored to be hitting the stage this Sunday at the BET Awards to perform their joint collaboration for the first time. Tune in and look for them to make it rain during their set.

Swing over to Miss Info TV for a full listen of the single.

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