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Uses for lavender at home, for body, healing and cuisine

lavender soap, tea, sugar, satchels, other products
lavender soap, tea, sugar, satchels, other products
Aaron Gilson,

Every summer the village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque has its 'Lavender in the Village Festival'. Farmers sell fresh bundles of lavender and lavender essential oils that can be used for a whole variety of products at home- from food recipes to bath and body products or other uses for the home. Lavender has always been highly regarded for its many uses but also the health and healing benefits it provides.

If you're new to the uses of lavender, start off with this simple guide to 15 Magical Things you can do with lavender. They include ideas for the home such as repelling moths, uses for health and beauty such as sprays, creams and sachels as well as recipes for food such as lavender biscuits, lemonade and tea. You can also make your own flavored lavender sugar. Lavender is also a great herb to kill mold and bacteria in the bathroom in which you can make your own spray. Or for cleaning purposes, you can simply add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your water bucket for mopping or wiping down surfaces to kill bacteria and leave the home smelling amazing. For those of you with babies or want to make the best baby shower gift there is, try a recipe for All Natural Lavender Baby Lotion that calms and sooths baby.

For evenings you want to take a relaxing, soothing bubble bath, slip a homemade lavender bath melt into the bath water. It's a great way to soften the skin, heal the skin and let the aromatherapy calm you. Lavender is usually used for relaxation, so this would make for a perfect bedtime routine. However, lavender is also thought of as an energizer for some since it brings clarity. See the recipe to make your own 'All Natural Lavender Bath Melt'. If you're having a hard time falling asleep, use lavender to help ease you into sleep. You can make this lavender-chamomile sleepy-time lotion to rub on your temples before going to bed.