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Uses for herbs

An herb garden can serve Chicago gardeners in many ways. Growing herbs is trouble-free, and they can be grown anywhere in a garden or in containers. Herb gardens save money that can be spent on other necessities. Herbs are exquisite plants and add beauty wherever they are grown. They are flavorful, medicinal and aromatic.

Pots of herb plants
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Hardy herbs practically grow themselves. Sprinkle herb seeds in flower beds. Put a few seeds in pots or small containers of potting soil and place them in the kitchen or on the patio. Scatter herb seeds in the vegetable garden. Intersperse herb seeds among annuals in an ornamental planter. Just make sure to note where they are and what they are.

Saving money by growing herbs begins when you buy the seeds. Seed packets can be purchased for under a dollar almost everywhere. The savings continue when the herbs grow and develop into mature plants. Commercially processed and packaged herbs are costly and are not fresh. Homegrown herbs are easily processed with almost no expense.

The beauty, taste, and aroma of herbs will delight your senses wherever they grow. They complement flower beds by adding variety in height and variety in leaf shape, size and color. Fresh or homegrown, dried herbs add flavor and nutrients without the need for salt. Wherever they are grown, herbs fill the space with pleasing fragrance.

Many well-known herbs have important medicinal properties without dangerous side effects. Parsley, basil and fennel are a few examples. These and other herbs add nutrients that enable the body to maintain and improve its health.

Explore the wonderful world of growing herbs in your Chicago garden or home. They are delightfully easy to grow. Herbs will nourish you with beauty, taste and fragrance. They will supply nutrients to maintain and improve your health.

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