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Useful social media cheet sheat for major social networking services

Social media icons.
Social media icons.
Brantley Davidson via Flickr

It is bad enough to learn the ropes with each individual social channel and how to target your audience within a specific or given industry. There are a few things to remember when choosing a particular image and the appropriate image size that will attract user to you social space. A new infographic published on on June 6, 2014 explains the image sizing for the seven social networks and how to leverage this photographic design guide.

The visual graphic was created by Digital Marketing Agency, Omnicore, laying out the different parameters along with the sizes provided. Which of the networks are included in this guide? The following are the usual suspects: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube.

The reason these dimensions have to be factored into your social mission is because most of the users online nowadays interact a large part of the time with pictures. Good content can only go so far, but attaching a powerful image will give you greater results.
Below you will find a couple of examples taken from the infographic of what are the image requirements depending on the platform. These include:

Profile photo 160X160px displays as 180X180px

Profile photo 270X270px

Profile photo 400X400px

Profile Photo 110X110px

Profile Photo 160X160px

Profile Photo 100X60px

TV 2,560X1400px

Some of these social networks will resize the image automatically, but do read the other image requirements listed in the graphic to maximize the impact and exposure. Looking at the help section for any of these previously mentioned social channels is difficult enough to navigate and locate fairly quickly the instructions.

In social media you want to be clear on your mission, the message and how to sort of streamline your social agenda. Careful not to automate too much the process, cause users will notice and never forgive you in the event of a mistake. Be yourself, be authentic with your content and learn to listen to what your audience demands of you.

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