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Useful resources for elementary Earth science

Books, online resources and hands-on ideas to add to your Earth science curriculum.
Books, online resources and hands-on ideas to add to your Earth science curriculum.
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Earth science is the study of our planet. It is a great topic for kids to study during the elementary years. As you explore Earth science in your homeschool, check out the following resources that will enrich and assist your learning experience.

  • First Earth Encyclopedia from DK Publishing is a colorful, informative book that includes sections on the landforms of our planet and the various biomes around the globe. This book would also be useful for a social studies curriculum, as there are sections on maps and people around the world.
  • Have Fun Teaching has a large selection of Earth science worksheets, including one about the layers of the Earth. These resources can be downloaded and printed.
  • Homeschool Helper has a free notebooking page about biomes. Fill in a description of the biome, plus list plants and animals that can be found there. On the map, shade areas where the biome is found.
  • The Homeschool Den has a wealth of hands-on activity ideas for an Earth science unit, such as using graham crackers to learn about the Earth's plates and making a model of the Earth's layers out of play dough.
  • "Introduction to Biomes," a YouTube video from Frank Gregorio, is a great start to a study of biomes. This three-minute video includes a little information about the basics of biomes, but what's really great about it is the stunning footage of scenery, people and animals from around the world.

Kids will enjoy learning all about our planet with these helpful resources. Informative books, hands-on activities, printable worksheets and interesting videos can all work together to form an educational, well-rounded Earth science curriculum.

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