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Used Curriculum Sales 2014

Used Curriculum Sales 2014
Used Curriculum Sales 2014
Elmarie Hyman

Why pay full price for new curriculum? No need to before checking out some great used curriculum sales! Every year in the summer lots of homeschoolers get together and bring all their used curriculum (sometimes still shrink-wrapped) to sell to other homeschoolers.

Homeschoolers are known for buying too much curriculum or adjusting curriculum as they find out that certain curriculum isn't working for their students' learning styles. This way we all end up with way too much curriculum and would happily get some money back for it. These curriculum sales don't just have curriculums but lots of reading books, games, and other manipulatives.

So whether you are interested in buying or selling, click on this link for more information about 2 big sales this coming summer (one in the San Fernando Valley at Grace Community Church and another in Santa Clarita at Learn Beyond The Book). If you are interested in selling, you have to register ahead of time, so check out the dates for that.

Another great thing at these sales is that there are frequently tables with free items as well, which can save you tons of money.

Hope to see you at a used curriculum sale in the summer!