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Used car batteries

While many people have heard of buying used tires, few people have heard of buying used car batteries. In fact, there are a lot of people who buy these for the same reasons that used tires have become so popular; they are cheap car batteries. Generally speaking, used car batteries can last anywhere from ninety to ten percent of their original rated life, but they can cost between half and ninety percent off their new sale price.
Used car batteries are often taken from cars that have been totaled. In some cases, the batteries were only recently installed in the vehicles, in other cases they may have been in the cars for tens of thousands of miles. An electrical check is done on each battery to determine its state and in order to be able to estimate its life.
Finding cheap car batteries has always been a challenge for the average consumer. Because there is really no way to determine when a car’s battery will die, it is hard to find a good sale on them. Fortunately, there are several places to go to find used batteries.
Start by inquiring about used batteries with locally owned mechanic shops. These shops are much more likely to look for cheaper parts for their customers, and some of them specialize in used and refurbished car parts. Locally owned shops are also more likely to have relationships with salvage yards and dealerships that will be able to supply them with used batteries in good condition.
Next, look at local salvage yards. Salvage yards are experienced with removing everything useful from a car in order to sell it. Batteries are frequently removed as soon as a car arrives so that they do not deteriorate further. If possible, talk to your local salvage yard and let them know you’re looking for a battery. Many of them keep lists of people who are looking for specific parts, and they will notify those individuals when the parts become available.
Finally, you may want to try checking with local dealerships. Occasionally their service departments will replace batteries that are nearing the end of their life, but might still be good for a couple thousands more miles. While there may not be a lot of life left in these batteries, they are often very cheap and sometimes they are given away for free so that the dealership does not have to pay the disposal fee.

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