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Use your peripheral vision at The Whitney's Ghost Bar


Shadow people are best seen with
peripheral vision.
Graphic art by: P. Hogarty
It happens all the time. We think we see a shadowy human figure out of the corner of our eye, but when we turn our head, there’s nothing there.
Well maybe there is.
The images you sense on the edge of your sight, from the corner of your eye, is your peripheral vision. Paranormal investigators often work on using their peripheral vision, because it is a popular belief that it’s the best way to see the shadowy forms of spirits, also known as shadow people.
Our eyes see with two types of preceptor cells: cone cells and rod cells. Rod cells are unable to distinguish color and are predominant at the periphery, while cone cells are concentrated mostly in the center of the retina. Peripheral vision is especially useful at night or in the dark, when the lack of color cues and lighting makes cone cells far less useful. And, peripheral vision is particularly good at sensing motion
Being aware of your peripheral vision allows you to see your entire field of vision instead of focusing on just one spot. It allows you to sense small movements at the edge of your sight and so be more aware of your surroundings. To practise using your peripheral vision, put your arms down by your sides and, while looking straight ahead, raise your arms up like you would if you were making a snow angel. While still looking forward, concentrate on seeing your hands that are stretched out to your sides. Jugglers work to strengthen their peripheral vision, and you can too.
A good place to use your new ghost hunting skill is at The Whitney, a restaurant on Woodward Avenue in Detroit, which is set inside an 1890s Romanesque Revival mansion. On the third floor is their Ghost Bar where you can enjoy a beverage while doing a little paranormal investigating.
To use your peripheral vision there, sit to the left side of the bar so that you can see the room to your right out of the corner of your eye. If you look at the window in this room directly, you probably won’t notice anything out of the ordinary.  But if you use your peripheral vision, you may see a shadow block the light of the window occasionally. That room, by the way, is known as the Ghost Room.

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  • blake griffin 4 years ago

    is this true? sometimes i can see ghost in my pheripheral view. seriously. i was asking my friends if they experience the same thing. they said sometimes.

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