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Use Your Noodle

Newest Noodles & Company location opened in Carlsbad March 31st 2014.
Newest Noodles & Company location opened in Carlsbad March 31st 2014.
Tonya O'Dell

If you haven’t driven along Palomar Airport Drive recently, you may not be surprised that it has changed (grown) yet again, with the most recent prominent corner development of the new Lowe’s shopping center featuring a Chipotle, Panera, Jamba Juice, Jersey Mike’s, Five Guys and the first Southern California Noodles & Company!
Choices are close to an endless bowl at Noodles & Company, and healthy choices make up the entire menu. The farm to table concept, with fresh organic vegetables prepped daily and all dishes made to order the menu itself is more of an “idea board” than entrée selection.

First of all they do not just serve noodles, but there are many types of those, from gluten free and whole grain, rice or egg. There are 3 choices of homey comfort soups and seasonal crisp salads, as a side serving either cost just $1! Full portion salads along the classic favorite varieties like Grilled Chicken Caesar, Chinese Chicken Chop Salad, a Mediterranean or Spinach and Fresh Fruit Salad drizzled with a decadent syrup of balsamic fig dressing.

Children and manly size portions are not forgotten about on the menu with hearty American sandwiches like the Wisconsin Cheesesteak or a BBQ Pork on fresh baked (on site) ciabatta bread. With good old Mac and Cheese or Spaghetti and Meatballs, even just buttered noodles- kids love Noodles (& Company),and they will especially love the "Incredible Hulk Fist", sized Rice Krispy Treats (for $1.79-made in house daily)!

Lunch or Dinner at around $8 per person, where a family of four with “World Inspired” tastes (also a nice way of saying can’t agree on what’s for dinner), will find a dish to satisfy any craving with German Steak Stroganoff to Bangkok Curry, Pad Thai, or the spiciest dish on the menu the Indonesian Peanut Sauté (ideally eaten with dollops of Siracha). Extra veggies, add Organic Tofu, or even some marinated steak, all of the dishes are a customizable you can create.
Dining in the newest location off Palomar Airport Road you will be given a number after ordering and will have your meal within 5-7 minutes! Healthy fast food choices have been laid out for any meal under 500 calories, Noodles & Company has a diagram with over 120 menu item combinations ALL under 500 calories, although all calories are conveniently displayed for each menu item.

If you can’t decide between Chinese food and Italian, you don’t have to, using your noodle has never been easier!
Fresh, fast, feasible and flexible-the new Noodles & Company offers yet another great dining option for all tastes under one brand new roof! There is an official ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday April 2nd yet they open officially today! Noodles & Company is open from 10:30 am 7 days a week, closes at 9 pm (they do serve alcohol and feature local brews and wines)-Friday and Saturday they will close at 10:30pm.

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