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Use your Lego Hero Factory Machines to stop an invasion

Lego Hero Factory Invasion from Below Images
Lego Hero Factory Invasion from Below Images
Paul Iuzzolino

The city is being overrun by all kinds of creatures, and it's up to you to stop them. In Lego Hero Factory, Invasion from below, players must use the machines from the Lego Hero Factory to save the city from these horrible creatures. As you defeat these creatures, use the experience points that you earn to upgrade your machines to do even more damage. The city needs your help, so take your powerful machines and rid the city of these dreadful creatures.

The beginning of this game is very interesting; you have to climb onto some platforms to collect parts to built a freeze machine. Once you collect these parts and your freeze machine is built, you have to kill some enemy machines. There are also upgrades around the area to collect, such as damage and jump upgrades. The game is really intense, and you have to move around a lot to kill all the enemies. The upgrades is this game are really fun to use, and as you play the game, you gain experience points that can be used to upgrade your machine. Once your damage and jump upgrades are fully upgraded, your machine will be able to take out enemies with ease. It's really interesting to collect the parts to built the stealth machine; you have to jump across fountains and scaffolding to collect these parts while destroy enemy bug machines. The enemies get harder throughout the game, and they throw more obstacles at you; after you built the stealth machine, you face a boss that throws rolling barrels at you. You have to avoid these barrels and all the enemies to kill the boss.

Game Mechanics:
The machines move smoothly in the game, and you could make most of the platforms easily. The machines shoot the blasts from the guns pretty fast, and the enemies don't really have a chance to reach you unless they are behind you. The enemy AI is done very well; sometimes the enemies jump around and you have to quickly jump to follow them. The enemy bug machine move really fast, so your machine really have to move and jump quickly to kill them. The obstacles move at a steady pace, and it's really challenging to avoid the obstacles and the kill all the enemies to kill the boss.

The controls are easy to adapt to in the game, and you're not spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to shoot or move your machine. When you press the left and right arrow, the machines move quickly and don't freeze up, and that helps when you are surrounded by a lot of enemies. The jump button works perfectly and allows your machine to easily collect the parts to built a certain machine. The jump button also works good when trying to jump over obstacles to kill enemies.

When you are playing the game, you start off in a construction site; your machine is standing on a metal base inside of a pit. There are other platforms above you hanging by chains. The dirt on the ground is really realistic, and in the background you could see building with shiny glass windows. The graphics really shine in the cut scenes; it looks like you are watching an animated movie with the machines fighting in the city. The water in the fountains has a nice clear blue color. The shattered windows are a nice touch to the added theme of the game.

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