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Use these tips to become better at Algebra

Since beginning my career as a teacher of mathematics almost 42 years ago, I have rarely heard a parent or student ever note Algebra as his/her favorite subject. Nevertheless, algebra skills do come in handy in many everyday situations.

You must practice to be successful in math

The concept of algebra must be fully understood before you can gain full knowledge of mathematics. It becomes more advanced as you progress in school, thus it is essential for you to get a firm grip on all the skills at the most basic level before you move on to the next level.

Algebra must be taken one step at a time. If you do these steps over and over, your brain will make the adjustment and you may even begin to like it. The only way to ever learn algebra is through practicing its concepts and principles repeatedly in order to learn them. Yes – practice, practice, practice!

Practice, however, does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Conceding that no one is perfect, effective practice is what you need to strive for. One effective method of practice is to use your text book so you can transfer all the concepts (along with equations that represent that concept) to a notebook. Only place one concept on each page so you can make notes and write done any ideas that help you remember how to work them correctly.

There are many books, online courses and tutors to assist you in breaking down algebra into its easiest components. As a rule, it is easier to learn for a person already familiar with algebraic concepts. You may also want to search out online communities where people discuss their algebra problems and assist each other in solving them.

One of the issues that make Algebra so difficult is the many different concepts and equations that must be conquered. You will not – and cannot – be successful unless you understand how all those work together (known as the entirety of algebra); you just will not be able to determine which procedure to use.

One of the key tools in algebra is a concept you learned in elementary school, order of operations. PEMDAS is an extremely valuable tool because you must understand which process happens first and so on. If you do not understand the common basics of algebra then you will be lost forever when dealing with this subject.

Your comfort will increase the more confident you become – then you can strengthen your skills by applying simple algebraic applications to your everyday life. By doing so, you will find that algebra is not quite as difficult as you may have once believed.

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