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Use snow days to teach skills

There is never a wrong time to teach skills needed for the future. As the country gets pelted with snow today the kids have a snow day. Some parents have the opportunity to spend the day with them. Love it or hate it – you have the one gift that cannot be given back. That is the gift of time. Choose activities that you both enjoy but use that activity as time to work on the youth’s skills.

Teach skills on a snow day!
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Going to play outside in the snow? Throw snowballs to increase motor skills or hand to eye coordination.

Playing a board game with the kids? Use the time to practice counting if you need to more around a board. Playing any game can also teach sportsmanship or winning or losing with grace.

The kids would rather watch TV? Don’t let them sit there mindlessly. If it is an educational show great, but if it is not use the plot topics as an opportunity to discuss the social situations on the show or discuss what the characters did well or not so well.

Reading books? Again, much like the TV watching discuss the story and the characters. Doing so may give you the opportunity to learn more about your child.

What happens if the kids get into a fight? This is not a situation ANY parent likes, but it is an opportunity to work on problem-solving skills. You can also work on teaching your child to be patient when they have to endure any punishments.

Enjoy the snow days!!

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