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Use SERP Checker To Check The History Of Keywords

There are many ways you can use the keyword ranking tool to your benefit. A SERP checker is not there to be used for checking the instant ranking of your website on the search engine. This tool has evolved and got better with time to give you many other benefits. The best thing about this software is that it allows you to check the history of your keywords. History of your keywords can help you in more ways than you can think. The first thing you get to know from the history is the keywords that are most useful for your website.

The concept of a SERP checker is that you check the keywords and how your website is ranking against those keywords on the search engine. If the keyword is most crucial to your business but you don’t see your website ranking at a good level for this keyword, you need to optimize this keyword. At the same time, you might be putting too many efforts in optimizing a keyword that is not meant to produce any good results for your website. This can be checked by looking at the keyword history as well. If the keyword hasn’t produced any good results for 2 years, it is very unlikely to produce any in future.

There are many trends that you will notice in the history of your keywords. Not to mention, the SERP checker will also allow you to put notes on various rankings of your website. Looking at the history of the keywords you will see many trends. Some keywords might not be very helpful for you currently but they might have produced great results in the past. Some keywords are occasional and seasonal. For example, you might have to work on a completely different set of keywords near the Christmas season.

By looking at the history of the keywords on your SERP checker you can decide what keywords to use in the coming Christmas season. Keywords that attracted the highest number of customers on your website on the previous Christmas season are the ones you should focus on. Not to mention, website owners are running campaigns on various keywords which means they are investing money on certain keywords. If some keywords aren’t producing any good results for your website, you shouldn’t be spending any more money on them and instead invest the same money on keywords that are lucrative for the website.

Looking at individual statistics of hundreds of keywords can be quite difficult. This is the reason SERP checker softwares now come with the graphs and charts. These graphs can show you in a second as to what keyword has attracted the highest number of visitors to your website. If you have chosen one of the best SERP checker you will be able to check the history of keywords on all the major search engines and others that are not very famous. Latest softwares allow you to check the history of the keywords of your competitor websites too.

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