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Use quality resources in the adult literacy classroom, pt. 2

LitStart cover.

In sorting through a quantity of material, the following are three resources that educators can use, modifying them to suit the skill levels of their adult learners.

  • The Learning English section of Voice of America news website ( is an excellent resource that educators throughout New York City can use in the classroom, and students can use on their own, to explore local, national, and international current events.
  • LitStart: Strategies for Adult Literacy and ESL Tutors by Patricia Frey, with Evey Renner, provides reading, writing, and speaking English strategies and background information that adult literacy tutors can use. The New York Public Library Public’s Centers for Reading and Writing and Literacy Partners have used this resource in their programs.
  • Betty Azar’s English Grammar textbook series for beginning, intermediate, and advanced adult ESOL students is another quality resource that many literacy programs use. These books have corresponding workbooks in which students can further practice English grammar. Visit the website for more information about this resource series.

As the adult literacy field continues to grow, quality resources will grow to meet the needs of educators and students. If you use a quality resource at your adult literacy program, share the information here...and thank you.

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