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Use public transportation going from Midway Airport to northern, FPG courses

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Chicago-land’s, public transportation includes CTA, Pace and Metra. Forest Preserve Golf’s, northern (These are courses north of Chicago’s Madison Street.) golf courses are Highland Woods, Chick Evans, Edgebrook, Billy Caldwell and Indian Boundary.

To go from Midway to Highland Woods Golf Course (This course is at 2775 N. Ela Road in Hoffman Estates, Ill.), golfers should take CTA’s, Orange Line train to downtown Chicago, and disembark at the Clark/Lake station. They will then need to descend to the CTA’s Blue Line, and take this train going to O’Hare Airport. Golfers should disembark at the Rosemont station, which is one stop before O’Hare. They should then take Pace’s, #606 bus to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Ill. where they should disembark. To get to the golf course’s entrance, they will need to take a taxi for five miles.

From Midway to Chick Evans Golf Course (This course is at 6145 N. Golf Road in Morton Grove, Ill.), golfers should take CTA’s Orange Line train toward the city, and disembark at Roosevelt. After disembarking, golfers should descend to this station’s Red Line. In the subway, they should take CTA’s Red Line train north to Howard Street, where they should disembark. After disembarking, they should remain on the platform, and board a CTA, Purple Line train north to Evanston. At the Davis station, they should disembark. They should then board a Pace #208 bus going west. At Golf Road and Overlook Drive in Morton Grove, they should disembark. The course’s entrance is on Golf Road’s, southern side, about 200 feet to the east.

From Midway to Edgebrook Golf Course, (This course is at 6100 N. Central Avenue, Chicago.), golfers should follow the aforementioned directions as if going to Highland Woods Golf Course. However, after boarding CTA’s Blue Line train toward O’Hare, they should disembark at the Jefferson Park station. Golfers should then board CTA’s, #85A bus or Pace’s, #226 bus going north along Central Avenue. After approximately one-two miles, they should disembark at the bus stop that marks the beginning of the Forest Preserve (on the right). The course’s entrance will be across Central Avenue, ¼ mile north, on the west side.

Going to Billy Caldwell Golf Course from Midway (This course is at 6150 N. Caldwell Avenue, Chicago.), golfers should follow the aforementioned directions as if going to Edgebrook Golf Course. However, instead of disembarking from CTA’s, #85A bus or Pace’s, #226 bus when traveling north along Central Avenue, they should disembark at Caldwell Avenue. After disembarking, they should take CTA’s, #84 bus east/southeast for ¼ mile where they will find the course’s entrance right behind the North Navajo Street bus stop.

From Midway to Indian Boundary Golf Course (This course is at 8600 W. Forest Preserve Drive, Chicago.), golfers should take CTA’s, #54B bus north to Cermak Road and Cicero Avenue. After disembarking, they should board CTA’s, #54 bus northbound. Golfers should disembark at Belmont Avenue, and board CTA’s #77 bus going west. They should take this bus westbound to the end of the line at Cumberland Avenue. They will then have a ¼-½ mile walk southwest along Forest Preserve Drive to the course’s entrance, which will be on Forest Preserve Drive’s north side.