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Use trends to save money: Part 2

backyard_wedding.jpg recently released their top trends for 2010, based on opinions of brides and vendors across the country. What’s hot this year is great news for brides on a budget, who still want to do a wedding that’s on trend. 

As Part 2 of this series, here are five ways can use these trends to save big bucks on your wedding budget, as well as some recommended vendors to go along with these tips.

You can go home again
Backyard rustic chic: can you say “budget friendly?” This kind of wedding will require more work on your part, but you can end up with a fashionable wedding for very little money.

Money saving tip! you’ll need a caterer and possibly rentals, but this delightful trend is perfect for those on the tightest of budgets. To keep it charming, think more Martha Stewart and less college beer party. Check out Dave’s Specialty Foods in Mt. Prospect if you need a personal caterer who will affordably customize your wedding reception. 

Mix and mingle
Traditional sit down dinners are probably the most expensive way to go with a wedding reception. And let’s face it, socializing in a smaller room, with the sounds of your guests laughing and having fun sounds so much more exciting than being stuck at a table for two hours, doesn’t it?

Money saving tip! with this style reception, you open the options to cocktail party, afternoon tea or dessert reception. If you’re brave, you can cut the huge banquet hall with DJ and dancing in lieu of an intimate venue with a few live musicians in the background. Check out Seasons of Long Grove for an intimate wedding venue. 

Return to romance
There’s a refocus on the marriage over the wedding. This means letting go of all the crazy expectations and doing what reflects your love for one another.

Money saving tip! if you’re budget is super-tight, consider having an “un-wedding.” Get married in a very small ceremony (perhaps with only family and a few closest friends) and go out for a dinner at your favorite special restaurant. Have photographs taken before or after the wedding by a professional photographer, make cards online and send out announcements to the rest of the world. The most important thing is that you’re married, after all! Check out Café Pyrenees in Libertyville for a delicious and comfortable party.

Food you can eat
Fusion food is in the past and couples are serving casual comfort foods at their receptions.

Money saving tip! forgo the strange foods and serve traditional foods by family-style or buffet. As for your cake, think simple white butter cream frosting or just do a dessert table with pies, cakes and brownies. Check out Sweet Whimsy Pastry in Long Grove for delicious butter cream frosted cakes.

There are so many more ways to “do-it-yourself” with wedding planning, from invites to iPod DJ’s to digital photographs online.

Money saving tip! rather than buying a full photography package complete with album, ask your photographer to provide the digital photos so you can order your prints and album online. Check out Michael Carr Photography for an outstanding wedding photographer. 

See Part 1 of this article for more money-saving ideas.


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