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Use trends to save money: Part 1

retro_bride(1).jpg recently released their top trends for 2010, based on opinions of brides and vendors from across  the country. What’s hot this year is great news for brides on a budget, who still want to do a wedding that’s on trend.

As Part 1 of this two-part series, here are five ways you can use these trends to save big bucks on your wedding budget.

Screw the trends, be yourself
This is the number one craze. Instead of your ceremony and reception being the traditional hum-drum wedding everyone’s been to a hundred times, infuse your wedding with your personal style and interests.

For the last few years brides have been fitting their maids with varying dresses in the same color and material. The look is going further this year with un-cloned hair and shoes and dresses in different material. In fact, tell your maids to buy whatever dress they want in black (which is a hot color this year). If this is too little control for you, ask them to have you approve it first.

Money saving tip! You don’t need to have personalized napkins, a bouquet toss or dancing if you don’t want to. Don’t do what everyone else does. You’ll find there are many things you can cut out of your wedding budget if you are open to doing something different.

Bright color, black backdrop
The two color trends this year are bright colors with no white (other than the bride’s gown) and all white with black accents.

Money saving tip! an all white wedding with black accents can be a big money saver since white linens, etc are the least costly and are usually standard with venues and caterers. Consider bright colors if you’re doing a casual or outdoor wedding.

Earth-friendly “I do’s”
More couples are choosing to go green with their nuptials (another great color choice, by the way).

Money saving tip! wear vintage jewelry or a dress…you don’t need to know someone who has one, visit antique shops or vintage stores and you can often find things at a real bargain. For a more casual wedding, antiques or vintage in your décor can be another way to save. Check out Silver Moon Vintage in Chicago for bridal gowns and accessories.

Groomed for success
Men are getting more involved in the planning process for their weddings. Brides, if you let your groom get involved, the wedding will be more about your love for each other, instead of just about you.

Money saving tip! it’s more of a marriage tip than a money saving one…don’t blow off your future spouse’s thoughts on cutting or saving money with the wedding. They may have some great ideas that could keep you from being in wedding debt until your 10th anniversary.

Everything old is new again
Old is the new “new!” Go retro with “Rat Pack” themes and tea-length dresses.

Money saving tip! wearing and using “used” has never been hotter. Work this trend as much as you can and save big time. 


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