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Use of time off in storms can teach giving and job skills

When kids are off from school parents often wonder what to do with them all day especially in snow. Here are some tips to teach them how to give back to others and skills they may be able to use for future jobs:

• Have them check in on an elderly neighbor
• They can go door-to-door to people they know and ask them if they would need to be shoveled out (they can practice talking to others and setting a price which will let them practice money management skills later. )
• Help an adult cook a meal for elderly family member or neighbor and deliver it
• Go sit with someone who is ill and make sure they have what they need (skills needed later in healthcare)
• Play a game with a neighbor that cannot get out
• Run to the store for a neighbor who cannot get there
• Clean off someone’s car
• Keep smaller children busy to give a mom or dad a break

These activities teach skills and also socialization. There are many others. The idea is to keep students busy and not just in front of a TV or video game.

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