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Use of Blackwater shows weakness in the CIA and Executive Branch


American Soldier with Afghan civilians (AP photo)

The use of Blackwater to carry out operations to assassinate Al-Qaeda operatives shows a dangerous lack of stomach among the CIA and the Executive Branch. 

It shows that neither has the stomach to do what is necessary to destroy Al-Qaeda, but rather delegate the responsibility to another.  It shows that our current leaders do not have the same necessity to win important conflicts as great leaders did in the past. 

President Lincoln suspended freedom of speech during the Civil War.  Many were thrown in prison as they spoke against the war and the president himself. 

Lincoln must’ve found it necessary due to the radical changes through the emancipation proclamation.  States were also threatening to leave the Union; as well draft riots were breaking out in major cities such New York.

President Roosevelt had Japanese-Americans interned during the Second World War.  The president found it necessary after the attacks on Pearl Harbor after on December 7, 1941.  There was a powerful fear of sabotage or attacks on towns and cities by them.

While both were acts were unconstitutional and immoral, they showed that both leaders were willing to go all the way to win the war.  They both contributed to the end slavery and the defeat the fascism. 

The mess with Blackwater is one reason of many to show our current weakness.  During World War 2, the United States could fight wars on two polar opposites of the war, expanding over a dozen nations and win.  It’s already been almost eight years in Afghanistan, and over six in Iraq, and we are nowhere near of winning in either.       

The reason for this is because of fear.  The CIA fears it be violating the were it to assassinate members of Al-Qaeda , even though the law, which was passed back in the 1970’s by President Ford, was specifically over leaders of sovereign nations.

The executive branch has a fear of the mainstream media.  They fear of looking negative every single time a soldier is killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, which leads to use of private companies such as black water. 

President Obama is going to have some difficult choices to make, as did Roosevelt and Lincoln had to do in the past.  Some of those choices could involve reforming the drug laws to help with the conflict in Afghanistan since their economy is based on the opium trade. 

It could also involve the ending of our futile attempts in Iraq. Too much treasure and blood have been wasted over there for unclear objectives. 

The CIA should not have to rely on private companies to fight the war on terror.  They should do the dirty work themselves. 

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  • bama-shooter 5 years ago

    It shows what happens when President Clinton gutted the military and CIA. Then a war comes along and you have to hire trained outside experts.

  • bama-shooter 5 years ago

    You do know the CIA had UBL in their crosshairs 13 times and Clinton denied them the green light everytime? He was more worried about trying to get a Nobel Peace Prize than protecting Americans.