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Use MisterChart as a Picture Tool to List Clothing on eBay

MisterChart for eBay listings
MisterChart for eBay listings

As an eBay seller I know that including measurements in clothing listings is very important to the potential buyer.

Not only will you reduce the number of eBay messages asking simple questions about sizing, but if you

use the online free tool called MisterChart you will have an image of how and what the measurements are for

many types of clothing. It is easy to fill in and customize. There are arrows showing where the measurements start and finish and in this case a picture is worth a thousand words. It will save you so much time, once you use it, you won't know how you got along with out it.

Here is the step by step way to use MisterChart.

1) Go to the website:

2) Choose a garment type from the outlines shown

3) Fill in the blanks and customize lines where appropriate.

4) Click preview to draw the chart with your data.

5) Select the image Type: GIF, JPG or PNG (I usually select JPG).

6) This next step is an important one for eBay users. The minimum size of a photo/image that eBay allows is 500 pixels on shortest side, so I go to "adjust size" in Preview (on a Mac) and make the smaller number 500, then save with the name of your piece of clothing. When you upload the image that MisterChart creates, along with your photographs, the seller will be happy to see you have added a visual way to see the measurements.

7) Just to be safe, I do write the same info inside my description in case the buyer more a word person. With both ways shown, your buyer will hopefully see the info that is important for that piece of clothing to fit them without trying on!

MisterChart is a valuable tool for clothing sellers and has an assortment of clothing types to choose from: Long Dress, Dress Shirt, Pants, Polo Shirt, Tank Top, Long Skirt, Letter Jacket, Ladies Jacket, Coat, Full Coat, Skirt, Tee Shirt. If you don't see your item here you can use one of the above and make custom lines as needed in your chart. Hit preview, resize, save, upload as you upload your photos and you are done. Give it a try today.

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