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Use Klooff and you may have a pet celebrity

This new app gives you the opportunity to allow your own Grumpy Cat to go viral. It is a new way to show off your best friend.

How your animal companion can become the top pet celebrity on Klooff.

"People love sharing photos of their pets to everyone. It just brings a lot of happiness, both to the pet parents and their audience," says Alejandro Russo, CEO of Klooff. In just 3 months, their Facebook Page hit over 1M Likes. "The beauty of this is that any pet has a chance to be famous, and social media allows us to venture into pet democracy for pet parents who don't have time to celebrify their pets," co-founder Mario Encina says. Fellow co-founder Jane Chung adds, "It works for the audience too. At the end of the day, when you're tired, you don't want to read another news headline. You'd rather see something lighter, like cute pet photos."

A redesign of the beta version has resulted to these changes:

  • Top 10 List - Klooff's Top 10 List features the best pet photos voted by the audience. The winning photo of the pet is shown to 1+million audience.
  • Voting System - Every pet has an opportunity to be 'celebrified'. Pet parents and non-pet parents have a chance to vote everyday for their favorite photo.
  • Followers or Fan Base Not Needed - E very photo published gets an instant view from everyone. Hassle and time-free.

All of this occurred because Jane Chung saw her friend's Facebook page with a cute photo of Riley the French bulldog. Now Riley may need an agent.

Download Klooff for free: iOS: Android:

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