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Research from Forrester, indicates that four percent of people use some kind of screen-sharing on a daily basis at work, however they suggests that as many as 50 percent of people could benefit from such collaboration.

With tight budgets for IT a great product to consider is from the makers of Logmein. The base product is free and may be all many businesses need.

Join me can be used for meetings with 250 people or less. All you need is a PC or Mac. You can also connect for a meeting via an iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone or Android.

The host of the meeting must be on a PC or a Mac. The host opens a web browser and goes to the url: They would enter Share as the host of the meeting. A small executable file will download and when executed provide 9 digit code in a small window at the top of the screen.

All of the other people joining the meeting will also going to, however they will select Join and enter the 9 digit code that the host needs to provide to them.

For the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone (Apple device) you can download the app from the App store.

The Android app is available in the Market.

The free app allows unlimited number of meetings where you can chat with participants either as a group or with an individual. You can share a system-generated conference call number transfer files and allow participants to control my computer.

They have a Join Me Pro package for which you have to pay that offers some nice features if you plan to use this often.

The way I use this package primarily is to remotely connect to a PC, take over control and fix problems for people. I have been able to quickly add printers, download applications and solve problems. By being able to see what they see, I don’t have to rely on their explanation of the problem. This eliminates a great number of communication problems. In that case, the client with the problem is the host and I am joining them and asking for permission to take control of their computer.

Currently I can only take over control of a PC or MAC, but I can do it from my iPad.

I have used a wide variety of both meeting software and desktop remote control software. Join.Me as a free product meets the majority of my needs for a quick way to fix a problem. Plus it is extremely easy for even the least sophisticated computer user to use.

The standard security is 256-bit SSL encryption, the same technology that is used by online banks and shopping sites. More options for security are provided in the Pro version. There has to be a person at the computer that initiates the Join Me session. However, I have had no problems with Firewalls stopping the session.

I strongly recommend this product for ease of use, basic screen sharing and price.

5 Stars out of 5.


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