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Use iAnnotate with you iPad? iOS 4.2 may cause issues

One of the handy, dandy programs we use on our iPads is a PDF annotation program called iAnnotate. The application provides an easy way for users to read and markup PDFs while using their slim, trim Apple product.

Recently, we took the plunge and upgraded one of our iPads to iOS 4.2 in order to test out the new features and check for any bugs. Sadly, we found a big one with iAnnotate 1.3.2 and iOS 4.2. Using the "ahttp" method to automatically spawn iAnnotate would launch the application but then appeared to be non-responsive.

After much pestering of the folks at Aji, we have found out that there is indeed a bug (no kidding). Aji says that a fix is in the works, but sadly it will not be available until January. In the meantime Aji advises that after tapping the "ahttp" link and iAnnotate launches, tap on the web downloads button which will bring up the internal browser and load the PDF from the "ahttp" link.

Certainly not ideal, but better than force quitting!


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