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Use flea control treatments as instructed to prevent super fleas


  A flea infestation can ruin a dog's day. Photo: SXC

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Some Maryland residents have noticed that the usual flea preventative they use on their dogs seems to be less effective this year. Is a change in the medication's formula to blame? No. According to a local veterinarian's office, the problem is a new generation of fleas that have developed a resistance to some formerly effective preventatives.

When dog owners decide to save a bit of money by waiting an extra few weeks to give their dogs their next dose of the preventative, the fleas that hop on their pet aren't killed by the weakened preventative. Do this enough times and...super fleas. Dog owners who follow all the rules can still have a problem with resistant fleas, because one or two of these fleas hop over from a neighbor's yard or jump off of a roaming kitty.

Not all fleas are resistant, so if you're not having a problem with fleas that seem to have nine lives, you may be one of the lucky people who lives in an area with "normal" fleas. However, if the fleas are running rampant in your house this year, talk to your vet about changing your dog's flea preventative. Besides several older preventatives that still work well, there are several new products, such as Promeris, available.

(Promeris is only available through veterinarians. Some other products, like Advantage, are more widely available.)


  • Ark Lady 5 years ago

    Immunity to flea control has not been proven. The key is to use a three legged strategy for combating the little suckers.

    With the current investigation into flea control safety it is a good idea to check with your vet for the best products for your situation and stay away from over the counter brands or cheap alternatives sold online from suspect sources.

    Search videos on YouTube for "Triangle of Successful Flea Control" since it talks about that strategy and the series also talks about the current EPA investigation into flea control product safety.