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Use cayenne peppers for quick hair growth

Use cayenne peppers for quick hair growth
Use cayenne peppers for quick hair growth

Women, if you want long hair, you don't have to buy it. Men, if you don't want to go bald, you don't have to. According to Black, you can use cayenne peppers to make your hair grow.

Cayenne pepper, scientifically known as capsicum annuum, is often used to flavor foods. It might surprise you that it is also a good remedy to make your hair grow.

Cayenne is naturally a potent stimulant. It is good for increasing the activity in the body’s respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems.

Cayenne pepper dilates the blood vessels and speeds the metabolism because of the high amounts of capsaicin in the pepper. The capsaicin is what gives the pepper its heat. The contents of cayenne pepper increases circulation and blood flow to all major organs which facilitates oxygen and nutrient delivery.

When a cayenne pepper is placed on the scalp, it causes a tingling sensation because of its heat. The feeling is the cayenne causing blood to flow from the root of the hair to the follicles. This process causes increased hair growth.

The next time you are at the grocery store, pick up four to six fresh cayenne peppers. You will also need 60 ml of olive oil. Cut the peppers into tiny pieces and mix in with the olive oil. Put the combination in a dark-colored bottle and store in a cool, dark place for 10-15 days. Do not let any sunlight in because it will ruin the mixture. Make sure you shake the bottle once a day. On the last day, discard the remnants and begin applying the mixture to the scalp on a daily basis. You can also use it as a treatment prior to washing your hair.

You will see a difference in your hair growth if used properly.