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Use aromatherapy to unwind after a long day

A relaxing bubble bath
A relaxing bubble bath

After a long day, the only thing you want to do is unwind. Sometimes it’s a glass of wine, sometimes it’s binge watching TV, or sometimes it’s a little R&R. Invest in beauty products that help you unwind with the power of aroma therapy to cross over to pure bliss.

The best way to relax is with a soothing bath. In a hot bath, drop in Fresh’s famous Twilight Bath Bomb ($7). As the bomb effervesces it releases the aromatic scents of lavender to smooth out stress. Wash the stress away with Pacifica French Lilac Natural Soap ($6). The relaxing scent is packed with essential and natural oils. Sloth away, dead skin and a bad day with Carol’s Daughter’s Lavender & Vanilla Body Cleansing Scrub ($18), creamy yet effective bodies scrub. It is important to lock the moisture in post soak. Desert Essence Organics Bulgarian Lavender Hand and Body Lotion ($9) intoxicates the senses into a functional comatose state that will prepare you for a night of slumber. Lavender works magic, but it isn’t the only remedy. Ritual’s Magic Touch Whipped Body Cream ($25) is rice milk and cherry blossom is a wonderfully sweet and creamy fragrance.

Sometimes after a long day or night the last thing that you want to do is wash up. You have to it is a must, but it doesn’t mean you need to complete the 5 steps. A quick cleansing wipe like Clean & Clear’s Night Relaxing ($8) cloths swipe away dirt, cleans skin and wind you down.

Spray down before bed or when you need help taking a deep breath. Use Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Body Mist ($15) has eucalyptus and spearmint oils. As you breath the scent in and your body warms it up the scent will help to find zen.